We believe that wildlife organisations can benefit from adopting bitcoin and support of the bitcoin community. With our experience and knowledge of the bitcoin ecosystem, we help wildlife projects to use bitcoin.

We are currently helping the HERD Elephant Orphanage, Transfrontier Africa and the Black Mambas anti-poaching unit.

If you are a wildlife organisation and interested in how the bitcoin ecosystem works, please contact us:


As the bitcoin technology is new and not always well understood, education and explanation is needed. Our team is experienced in the bitcoin technology and ecosystem. Therefore we have set up a fundraiser to help wildlife organisations in their process to adopt bitcoin. We do this on a voluntary basis and do not receive any salary from our fund. 

In order to create a succesfull grassroots bitcoin circular economy we have to educate local actors on bitcoin and pay them in bitcoin when they start educating others themselves. To make this start-up a success, we need funds. Therefore we need your help.

All donations to this fundraiser will go to the grassroots bitcoin projects we suppo