Lammie The Legendary Sheep

For those who are not familiar with this legendary sheep, we love to share her story!

Lammie the legendary sheep, was born in 2014 and is a Thaba-Manzi Pedi breed of sheep, native to Africa and known as Pedi Sheep. The breed is known for its fat tail (where they store most of their fat), its exceptional mothering skills, its resilience to diseases, its protective and fearless nature and having no fear against predators.

They are also known to be excellent surrogate mothers, accepting any breed of animal as their own.

Lammie and Gertjie

This unique sheep quickly became known as people fell in love with the incredible bond between her and her first adopted child, Gertjie 🦏 an orphaned rhino at HESC. 

Lammie also accepted other young rhinos who arrived at HESC. Most of these rhinos are grown up and have been successfully been rehabilitated into the wild.

Lammie and Shawu

When the first young orphaned elephant, little Shawu 🐘, arrived at HESC, Lammie showed that also elephants can be accepted as true companions. Since then, Lammie has been able to show her exceptional mothering skills at the HERD orphanage.

She moved with Mopane to the orphanage and has been since then the companion to other elephant calfs like Khanyisa and Fenya. She is a perfect playmate, but still keeps a watchfull eye on the bay elephants, especially at bedtime, making sure they settle down well.

Mopane and Lammie during our visit at HERD

When we met Mopane, back in November 2019, the carers told us that the elephants build their self-confidence as they create awareness of their size towards the little sheep. Lammie defends herself very well when playing with the elephants.
As HERD orphanage reached more and more people worldwide, she soon received the name Lammie the Legend, as she is a hero in providing an unconditional motherly touch and support for an animal in need.


This year in March 2021, Herd welcomed Nungu to the family. Nungu is a Dorper Sheep, a South African breed known for their gentle and nurturing personalities.
Nungu joined HERD for a well-deserved retirement after filling the role of companion sheep and surrogate mother to a number of orphaned wildlife for many years, including rhino calves orphaned as a result of poaching, and a litlle zebra named Zeta who was rescued after being caught in a snare. Nungu was ready for some downtime and a faithful companion of her own, which she found in Lammie The Legend.


We love Lammie and to support her in her caring duties, Helen (co-founder at izindlovu)
has made a crocheted cuddle "lammie" sheep that is for sale in our webshop