Lammie The Legendary Sheep

For those who are not familiar with this legendary sheep, we love to share her story! Lammie was born in 2014 and is a Thaba-Manzi Pedi breed of sheep, native to Africa and known as Pedi Sheep. The breed is known for its fat tail (where they store most of their fat), its exceptional mothering […]

Elephants and Biodiversity

As the largest of all land mammals, elephants play an important role in keeping ecosystems fertile and maintaining plant populations. These floppy-eared food-providers support the survival of other creatures and contribute to species biodiversity within ecosystems. People think that elephants destroy nature by cutting down trees, but that is not the case. There are 4 reasons […]

Tracking Migrating Elephants in South-Africa

One of the solutions to protect both elephants and local communities from conflict situations is to act in advance by tracking migrating elephants. This kind of monitoring aspects of the ecology and demography for South Africa’s largest elephant populations is done by Elephants Alive, an organisation, founded in 2003 under its previous title of Save […]

Desert Elephants of Namibia

Desert elephants are not a separate species from savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana) and can only be found in Namibia and Mali. They have a few morphological differences from savannah elephants like a smaller body mass with proportionally longer legs and seemingly larger feet. Their survival is not through genetic adaptation, but through passing on knowledge. […]

Elephants and Bees

Elephants are afraid of bees Let’s explain. Of course elephants aren’t scared off by one or two bees, as the bees’ stingers can’t penetrate their thick hides. But when bees swarm — and African bees swarm aggressively — hundreds of bees might sting and damage an elephant in its most sensitive areas, the trunk, mouth […]

Integration of a Baby Elephant into a Wild Herd

Integrating baby elephants in a new herd is essential to their mental wellbeing and health. However wild herds have been known to reject orphaned elephants, especially when there has been human intervention in caring for the orphans. The story of the Jabulani Herd Adine Roode, MD and owner of Jabulani Safari, grew up with that […]