We Support Wildlife Conservation to Safeguard our Planet’s Ecosystem


Izindlovu is a non-profit organisation, recognised by the official Belgian King Baudouin Foundation, which supports projects and citizens who are committed to a better society. 100% of our profits and received donations go to the local field projects we support.

Field Projects

Izindlovu only supports field projects that actively work on elephant conservation and with which we have close contact. South-Africa’s elephant orphanage HERD is one of them.

Art For Wildlife

Art for Wildlife is an online gallery and auction platform to promote artists and support wildlife conservation and will launch in July 2021, but artists can already apply for a listing now!

Wildlife Drone Force

Izindlovu Fund is working on a project whereby drones and artificial intelligence will be used to protect elephants and wildlife in public and private parks throughout South-Africa and other African countries.

Every 25 minutes, an elephant is killed. Without action there will be no African elephants left by 2040.

Ben Van Hool, Izindlovu Fund Co-Founder

Art Project

ART PROJECT: 2 bronze elephant sculptures

Discover more about our fundraising collaboration with Cafmeyer Gallery: 2 new bronze sculptures by artist François Vandenberghe for the benefit of HERD orphanage

A Fund for the African elephant

Izindlovu” is the plural of “Indlovu”, which means “Elephant” in Zulu. Izindlovu Fund means “The Elephant’s Fund”.

We are a 100% non-profit, founded and located in Belgium to create awareness outside Africa about the problems that African elephants are facing to survive.

We cooperate with local South-African organisations that are active in the field of elephant conservation.

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Every single donation, no matter how big or small, is helpful 
and will be used for elephant protection, conservation and rehabilitation. 

We only support organizations with whom we have a personal contact 
so that we are sure that the money ends up well.