Thank you for considering making a donation to Izindlovu Fund. There are several donation options. Through direct contact with the causes that we support, your funds will go exactly where they are needed.

Every single donation, no matter how big or small, is helpful and will be used for elephant protection, conservation and rehabilitation. We only support organizations with whom we have a personal contact so that we are sure that the money ends up well.

We offer different donation options:

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Running fundraisers

For each project we support, we have a specific fundraiser. You can go directly to the project you want to support by clicking on the picture. You  then choose a donation amount on the right and add it to your shopping basket. At the check-out you can pay by Bankcard, Creditcard, Paypal or Bitcoin

Khanyisa is an orphaned albino elephant calf that had been found trapped in a snare with severe injuries, in January 2020…
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Environmental Education
By building partnerships with schools, we can join forces to share wildlife and biodiversity conservation awareness knowledge. In this program we aim to educate local students in schools, together with ensuring the children of nutritional food bars.
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Anti Poaching
Wildlife rangers are vital to win the war against wildlife crime as Poaching Wildlife Trade is in the top 3 crimes globally along with human trafficking and drugs. The Black Mambas are an all-female anti-poaching unit who also do environmental community work.
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Elephant Conservation
Help us cover the continuous running costs of the Jabulani Elephants, a unique herd for integrating orphans and the HERD elephant orphanage. The unusual family structure of the Jabulani Herd, the majority of which are orphans themselves, is a unique solution for orphaned baby elephants that vitally need to find a second herd.
Goal for 2023
Raised in 2023
Environmental Education
Elephant & rhino conservation also involves human environment education as we both share the same land and nature. Moreover, as more and more wildlife and elephant habitats are used for human development, educating the future generation about environmental conservation is crucial.
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Izindlovu Fund
Izindlovu Fund supports Wildlife Conservation Projects in South-Africa to safeguard our planet’s ecosystem.
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