Mpisi Primary School

Elephant conservation education and sustainable community development partnership with HERD at Mpisi school in the neighborhood of Hoedspruit
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Reducing human-elephant conflict can only be obtained by involving local communities and empowering and educating local people. By building partnerships with schools, we can join forces and work together to share elephant conservation awareness and sustainability tools and knowledge. HERD has set up such a partnership with the Mpisi school in the neighborhood of Hoedspruit.
Before the Covid-19 pandemic, 1 in 3 children in South-Africa suffered from malnutrition. That number has grown since the pandemic. Many of the children at the Mpisi primary school have their only meal of the day at school, coming from impoverished homes where parents can’t always provide adequately for their families. 


Together with educational and sustainable activities, this program ensures the children with nutrition food bars to ensure healthy and well-fueled minds and bodies. To create awareness the students are involved in fun elephant-related activities. By providing school material and through elephant picture colouring the children are able to connect with these magnificent animals in a positive and engaging way. The created art can then be shared with their loved ones at home. 

  • provide the kids with nutrition food bars
  • provide the students with school material
  • involve students in fun elephant-related activities
  • share awareness to the species
  • help implement a community garden for the children to enjoy at lunchtime
  • grow a community vegetable garden
  • help with rain harvesting use and supply for the garden


By supporting this fundraiser you can help providing school material for the children to make their own ele-art creation so that awareness for wildlife can grow. You also support the students future as they learn how to create a waterwise garden, how to contribute to recycling, how to grow a vegetable garden or do rain harvesting, we hope that they can take this knowledge home and practice to develop good green habits so this can have a positive impact on their lives and families.

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Because every donation, no matter how big or small, counts.

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Izindlovu Fund is an officially registered non-profit organisation, governed by Belgian law. Our registration number is 0738 518 012. We care about Wildlife and 100% of the donations that we receive go to the projects that we support and with whome we have close contact.
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