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A Fund for the African Elephants

“Indlovu” means “Elephant” in Zulu. As elephants have a strong family structure, we wanted to capture the importance of this bond in the name of our fund so we choose the word “Izindlovu” which means “Elephants”.

Izindlovu Fund vzw is a 100% non-profit organisation, founded by Ben Van Hool and Helen Van Hulle in Belgium for the benefit of conserving the African Elephant.

By 2040 wild elephants won’t exist anymore if poaching and human-wildlife conflict continues as it is today. But the orphans being left behind can change this if they are supported by all of us. The stronger we help them become, the more chance they have of defying the odds of their species to become the elephants of tomorrow.

Izindlovu Fund Focus Points

Supporting HERD, an orphanage for baby elephants

Supporting a unique herd for elephant integration

Supporting solutions to protect elephants

“Every 25 minutes, an elephant is killed. Without action there will be no African elephants left by 2040.”
Ben Van Hool, Izindlovu Fund Co-Founder


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It's very difficult to get exact numbers on elephant population figures. There were around 1.3 million African elephants alive in 1980. In 2012, there were only an estimated 420,000 to 690,000 elephants left and according to the African Elephant Status Report from 2016, no more than 415,000 African elephants are left in the wild.
Empowering Elephant Conservation to Safeguard our Planet's Ecosystem